A lavender blooms and oud mist bottle sits on a white table with a green plant and a little ceramic bowl in the background.
A light skined hand holds a lavender blooms and oud mist bottle.

Lavender Blooms & Oud Fragrance Mist

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This fragrance is clean and fresh, yet woody, sexy and rich. It has top notes of ozone, middle of lavender blooms and bottom of cedar wood, and oud. We feel this fragrance is seasonless and smells wonderful in every room of your home from the bedroom to the bathroom.

What is Oud? In it’s true form it’s one of the most expensive perfumery ingredients in the world. It is a resin that comes from the Aquilaria tree, and is the tree’s defense against a bacteria attack. The tree grows in northeastern India and southern parts of China and through out history has been known as an aphrodisiac.

Perfect for yourself, living areas, cars, or wherever you need a little refresher.

  • recyclable glass bottle made in the USA

  • exceptional fragrance and essential oil blends

  • 4 oz minimal ingredient formula:

    • exceptional fragrance and essential oil blends
    • perfumers alcohol
    • distilled water

Shake well before misting. We notice the fragrance lasts longer on fabrics. Always test first on an inconspicuous part of materials.

Contains all body-safe ingredients. Do not mist face.