Seconds Sale Travel Tin Candle - 75% OFF

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Help us find homes for these imperfect, but still burnable candles!

Imperfections can include:

  • off-centered wicks
  • old labeling
  • dented
  • packaging defect
  • under-poured
  • wax discoloration

** All seconds are sold as is and are final sale


A quick refresher wherever you need it.

  • Phthalate and petroleum free
  • recyclable glass bottle made in the USA
  • 4 oz minimal ingredient formula of premium fragrance and essential oil blends, perfumers alcohol (SDA40-b) and distilled water.

Shake well before misting. We notice the fragrance lasts longer on fabrics. Always test first on an inconspicuous part of materials.

Contains all body-safe ingredients. 


Keep away from children and pets. Do not mist face.