It’s that time of year again. Gift-giving season is upon us and 1502 Candle Co. has got you covered. If you’re feeling thoroughly overwhelmed by your list (not to mention what to get each special somebody on it), we suggest you start here. 

Products that promote self-care remain trusted favorites for these hectic, busy months. We have a hard time choosing favorites ourselves–we know, we’re biased–but that’s why we’ve turned to our customers in order to recommend our current best sellers


Lavender Blooms & Oud Reed Diffuser

Most of our customers haven’t heard of oud, which might be one reason this complex and aromatic fragrance is so beguiling. Its rich and woody notes are woven throughout our Lavender Blooms & Oud reed diffuser and it keeps bringing fans back for more.

This is a really versatile fragrance. Top notes of ozone, middle of lavender blooms and rounding out with bottom notes of cedar wood, and oud. This fragrance can really go anywhere in the home from the bedroom to the bathroom.

At its heart, Lavender Blooms & Oud evokes a calm and clean feeling. It might just be the pick-me-up your loved one needs for relaxation in their bedroom or office and make it through a stressful day.

Sweet Berry & Pine Candle

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the friend who lives, eats, and breathes everything Christmas this time of year, pine is always a safe bet. Customers who love our Sweet Berry & Pine line of products tend to prefer the apothecary candles and travel tins–probably to up the cozy factor on this festive winter fragrance.

We’ve harnessed the spirit of the holidays by combining base notes of woody fir balsam and pine needles. Next, we layer in tart cranberries and green apple, balanced with sweet raspberries. Some pine-scented candles can be overwhelming and flat, but our customers seem to agree we’ve created a more nuanced and pleasing way to enjoy a favorite seasonal scent. 


Salt Water & Agave Candles & Reed Diffuser

If the next loved one on your list is a beach goddess, dawn patrol surfer, or desert weekend warrior, we think our Salt Water & Agave candles and diffusers are sure to please. This fragrance remains so popular that customers can’t get enough of both the apothecary and travel tin candles, as well as the sleek diffuser.

To create this clean, refreshing fragrance, we started with the nostalgic memory of a cool, foggy morning on the beach as the sun is just starting to burn through the mist. Base notes include mellow amber, sweet coconut and tonka bean. Sweet jasmine and agave flower and floral lily of the valley combine to round out the middle notes, and we finish it off with bright sage, citrus and of course, salty ocean mist.

Need More Inspiration? We Can Help.

If you’re still feeling stumped, we can help you get the gift-giving juices flowing. Check out our PinterestInstagram, or Facebook pages, stop by our shop, or send us a message. Don’t forget to gift yourself and if your current faves didn’t make the list, we’d love to hear from you too!

January 03, 2020 — Designer Collaborator

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