Recycle & Refill


Reduce your waste!


Return your cleaned out candle containers to have them refilled with any of our currently available fragrances! Refills take about 2-4 weeks depending on our production schedule Check out our Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page for more info!



Apothecary Jars  $22

Travel Tins  $12

Custom  $5 + $1.75/oz


Drop off your containers to our partner store Botanica Home and Garden, or at our HQ during our Curbside Pick-up hours, every-other Sunday 11-2pm.


Ship us your cleaned out containers and we will fill and ship them back to you! You can ship your containers to our HQ address below. Please include your name, address, fragrance choice(s) and email. We will email you a confirmation once we've received your refills. After we've filled them (refills take approximately 2-4 weeks), we'll email you an invoice and once it's paid we'll ship them back to you!

1502 Candle Co.
Attn: Refills
5837 Mission Gorge Rd, Ste C
San Diego, CA 92120


We offer $2 off your 1502 purchase when you bring back your diffuser or mist bottle.

Refills your candle containers.




    How does it work when I drop off my container to be refilled?

      If you drop off your container to Botanica: We’ll take down your information and what fragrance you’d like. As soon as your refill is ready to pick up we’ll text or email you. You’ll pay when you pick up.
      If you drop off your container at the HQ: We’ll take down your information and what fragrance you’d like, or if you’d like you can always write a note with your information and fragrance choices to leave with us. When your refill is ready, we’ll email you an invoice with payment link and let you know when the next Curbside Pickup is happening.
      If you ship us your container: Ship it back to us and include your name, address, email address and what fragrance you'd like. Once your refill is complete we'll email you your invoice. Once paid, we'll ship it back to you! You are responsible for shipping charges.

      How do I clean out my container?

      Read our blog post or watch our How To videos saved on our Instagram highlights for some tutorials on how to clean out your container.

      How clean does it need to be?

      When there are still wax, wick tabs, or adhesives on the bottom and the inside of the container we can’t get the new wick(s) to adhere to the bottom of the candle. That’s why we ask that your container be completely clean - meaning, the inside of the container needs to be completely free from wax, wick tabs and adhesives. If you'd like a new fragrance label, please remove the old one. We don’t apply new fragrance labels to containers that aren't originally from 1502.

      What fragrances are available?

      You can choose from any of our currently available fragrances:

      Coconut Milk & Nectar
      Neroli Blossom & Grapefruit
      Forest Fern & Gardenia
      Red Currant & Rose
      Green Fig & Violet
      Oakmoss & Amber
      Salt Water & Agave
      Juniper & Hinoki
      Monstera Leaf & Aloe
      Lavender Blooms & Oud
      Pink Pepper & Palo Santo
      Cedarwood & Amber
      Blue Spruce & Ember
      Toasted Cardamom & Pumpkin
      Sweet Berry & Pine
      Cider & Cedar Leaf
      (updated 9/22)

      Can I combine fragrances?

      No, we cannot combine fragrances.

      How long will it take?

      Refills take 2-4 weeks depending on our production schedule.

      Do you accept custom containers?

      Yes, we can refill custom containers. The container needs to be at least 1.5 inches wide and no taller than 5.5 inches, non-porous, and a mouth about the same diameter as the body. A good rule of thumb is if it housed a candle previously, we can most likely fill it! Please keep in mind, we’ve done a (and continue to do) considerable amount of wick testing for our containers. When you have us refill a custom container we make an educated guess as to the size wick that will work however, because we haven’t been able to actually test wicks in the custom containers, you may not have a perfect burning candle - but we do our best!


      Where can I return my bottle to?

      You can return them to Botanica Home and Garden or our HQ.

      How does it work?

      Bring your bottle back to us and we’ll take $2 off that purchase per bottle returned.

      Can I use the discount later?

      At this time we don’t have a way to keep track of discounts, so you’ll need to use it the same time you return your bottle.

      What if I have a bottle to return and want to pick up at the HQ Curbside Pickup times?

      Typically, for HQ Curbside Pickup, we ask you place your order online before picking up, however, since we can’t offer a discount until you return the bottle, we can just ring you up drive-thru style. 
      So drive up, let us know you have a bottle return and what you’d like to purchase. We’ll grab your items and do a check out right there so that we can give you your discount. 
      It’s always nice to know you’re coming so shoot us an email at to give us a heads up. You could even let us know what you want to purchase before so we can have it ready for you 😃

      What if I have refills and have a bottle to return?

      Great! You can apply your discount to anything 1502! It’s usually easiest to drop it off when you drop off your refills. You can even ship back a bottle recycle with your candle refills.