Caroline first started making candles in her tiny kitchen in Ocean Beach, California and poured them into repurposed jars and cut bottles. After giving the candles to friends and family at Christmas, everyone wanted more. Since then, 1502 has evolved and grown but thoughtfully creating with responsibility and sustainability is still one of our core values.

We favor materials that are either recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or made in the US and use phthalate-free premium fragrance and essential oil blends. We choose natural waxes (currently soy and bees) that are harvested in the US. We also created a refill program so you send back your container for us to refill.

Taking action on our passions for environmental and social justice we joined 1% for the Planet and have pledged to give back at least 1% of our sales each year. Since then we've donated to organizations like Communities for a Better Environment, Feeding San Diego®, Indigenous Environmental Network and  Native Like Water.

When Caroline's not in the studio, she can be found in the kitchen cooking wholesome meals or roaming somewhere in the mountains and deserts of southern California with her husband, daughter and pup.

1502's roots, candles in recycled glass.