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How Soy Wax Is Made

Michael Richards, a candle maker, discovered soy wax in 1991. Michael was looking for an inexpensive alternative to beeswax. As he experimented with different types of vegetable products, he eventually discovered a relatively cheap way to create wax from soybean oil. His invention paved the way for a new kind of candle, which burned cleaner than paraffin and was less costly to produce than many alternatives.

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Soy Wax Candles

At 1502 Candle Co., we exclusively use soy wax for our products. The natural, vegetable-based material complements our vision and offers a number of unique benefits for the environment and your health

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How To Make Soy Wax Candles

A How to Make Soy Candles Guide from a small San Diego candle shop. We don’t want to just make candles, we’d like to share the candle making process with you. Including, candle making supplies, instructions and more.

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