1502 Has Partnered with the SD River Park Foundation

Did you know that the drought in Southern California lasted from December 2011 through March of 2019? Even if you didn’t, you probably did know when the drought officially ended, along with the happy masses who flocked to the desert super bloom or enjoyed it on their favorite feeds. Despite that brilliant memory of California poppies in the not-so-distant past, water conservation remains one of the foremost concerns in the region.

At 1502 Candle Co., our relationship with 1% for the Planet, which began last spring, offers the perfect way to make a difference on a local level: by partnering with the San Diego River Park Foundation. We made this decision in part to protect the health of our natural ecosystems and also to educate our customers about environmental concerns that are near and dear to our hearts.

Environmental Concerns in Our Community

1502’s headquarter sits on the “banks” of a river that flows past our founder Caroline’s home. Southern California’s incredibly dry periods in the past years have made the San Diego River’s health even more important. It brings life and biodiversity from Julian and Santa Ysabel to the Pacific Ocean and offers a beautiful respite for visitors and locals alike.


1502’s headquarter sits on the “banks” of the San Diego River, so we hope that donating to the foundation will have a direct impact on our daily life.

Rolling green hills with trails on the side and blue sky.

After a meandering 52-mile journey, its mouth empties into the sea near one of our favorite spots in the city: Dog Beach, at the northernmost edge of Ocean Beach. For this reason, we felt strongly that donating to this particular cause could have a lasting impact on our daily life.

Protecting & Enhancing a Valuable Natural Resource

The non-profit foundation’s vision is to “protect and enhance the River’s valuable natural and cultural resources and encourage communities to embrace this legacy and to celebrate it with the creation of a river-long park system.”

In addition to contributing at least 1% of our profits for the first half of the year to the San Diego River Foundation, we look forward to the time when we can take part in their opportunities to volunteer. These events focus on preserving and improving the health of the river, creating opportunities to form an emotional connection to the river, and encouraging the community to explore these areas with safe, pristine trails.

What Can You Do?

We know our customers share our passion and drive for protecting our precious natural resources. One of the biggest factors behind our decision to partner with 1% for the Planet was the simplicity of its model. By shopping for our candles, reed diffusers, hand mists, and refresh mists, at least 1% of each of your purchases will go towards supporting our partnerships with organizations like the SD River Foundation. It's that easy.

Contact 1502 Candle Co. to Learn More

We love hearing from our customers, whether you have questions about how we donate a portion of your purchases or you want to share ideas about how you’re contributing to local causes in your community. You can contact 1502 Candle Co. online anytime.

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