This Month’s Fragrance Story: Golden Poppy & Meadow

 A lit golden poppy and meadow candle sits on a white counter top with a lamp to the left of it and some green leaves in the right corner.


We all need a little sunshine in our lives right now, especially after an inordinate amount of time spent indoors. So with the Golden Poppy & Meadow candle, 1502 Candle Co. makes it easy to bring a little piece of the great outdoors inside–wherever life finds you right now. And while you're at it, check out our other fragrances inspired by spring and summer!

A Personal Favorite

Over the years, our founder, Caroline, has created one-of-a-kind candles to honor some of our customers’ big days. From weddings to bachelorette parties, custom candles have added the special finishing touch to all kinds of memorable events.

When it came time to tie the knot herself last spring, Caroline knew she had to come up with a particularly unique-smelling candle. She and her husband, Jonathan, love exploring the Sierras and other parts of Southern California

Caroline’s friends and family were so wooed by the candles she created–Golden Poppy & Oak–she knew that she had to develop a similar fragrance for all of our customers to enjoy.

Celebrating an Iconic California FlowerGolden poppies blowing in the wind in front of the ocean.

Few flowers have such a bright, happy and vibrant hue as the golden poppy. When Caroline envisioned just what type of experience this candle would invoke, we pictured hiking through open, grassy meadows surrounded by hillsides brimming with these iconic blooms.

The floral and fresh green grass scents form the top notes of our Golden Poppy & Meadow candle. Next, we layered in damp earth and woods to deepen and round out the fragrance. Last, you can find a light musk and warm sunshine amber. Altogether, these elements make for a candle that appeals almost everyone.

Like most of our candles, this fragrance is available in both candle collections apothecary jars and travel tins, as well as our reed diffuser.

Contact 1502 Candle Co.

The team at 1502 knows that these last few months have challenged us in ways we never imagined of, but we also have faith that brighter days are on the horizon. Now more than ever, we all need a little social interaction. Until you can visit us in our shop or at upcoming markets, like always, you can reach us online. You can also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

June 09, 2020 — Caroline Jackson

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