It’s that time of year again! At 1502 Candle Co., we know we’re not the only ones scratching our heads over what to get those last few people on our shopping list. (And we totally get it if you haven’t even started – that’s why we’re here to help.) Call us biased, but we really do think that candles make the perfect holiday gift. Read on for why our travel tins and apothecary jar candles remain such simple, foolproof, and popular presents.

1)   1502 Candle Co. Products Offer a Great Value

Some candles are simply overpriced but we work hard to create products that are high quality and affordable. Most importantly, we use soy wax because it offers a greater value than other materials. In fact, soy candles burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.

2)   Our Candles Are Unisex

If you think candles are only appropriate for the favorite females in your life, think again. Our complex, nuanced fragrances are unisex and made to equally entice both men and women. Our bolder fragrances feature scents like cedarwood, tobacco, and blue spruce – a departure from the sweeter, more floral smells that might come to mind when you first think of candles.

At 1502 Candle Co., our complex, nuanced fragrances are made to equally entice both men and women.

3)   Candles Instantly Upgrade Your Living Space 

Did someone on your list recently move into a new place? Or are you looking for a way to enhance someone’s home without a hefty price tag? Candles are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your living room or another area. Our products instantly up the cozy factor, brighten spaces, and provide decoration.

4)   Our Candles Can Be Customized

We’re often asked to create custom candles for memorable events like birthdays, weddings, and bachelorette parties.  Creating custom candles to thank your employees or coworkers, or even just your closest circle of friends, is a unique way to stand out from the cookie-cutter presents that abound this time of year.

5)   Candle Containers Can Be Repurposed

One our main goals from day one has been to create candles in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Once the candle is used up, we offer discounts on refills. But we also think our jars are pretty enough to fill with sand and shells, succulents or air plants, or act as bud vases. The travel tins are especially useful for small items when you’re traveling or simply to organize trinkets in your home.

Whether you’ve been procrastinating digging into that shopping list or you just need to cross that last name off, we’ve got you covered. In addition to candles, our reed diffusers and refresh mists make equally lovely gifts. For questions on any of our products or to learn more about our custom orders, contact us online. Happy gifting!

December 15, 2018 — Designer Collaborator

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