At 1502 Candle Co., we think every day should be Earth Day. But April 22 offers a special opportunity for us to celebrate the planet and think about ways we can make the world a healthier, greener space to live in. We take great care to create products in a way that is environmentally friendly, like using sustainable fabrication techniques and offering a recycle and refill program. Plus, we love creating products inspired by luscious smells that can only be found in nature. Last month, we re-released our limited edition Cannabis Flower & Earth candle. Read on to hear more about our inspiration for this customer favorite… 

Cannabis: Expand Your Horizon

We know what you’re thinking. And no, this candle will not get you high. Even if you’re familiar with the ways this green gem has been helping humans expand their minds for centuries, you might not be aware of its myriad of other uses. Research shows that the plant’s tough fibers have been used for over 7,000 years to make rope, clothing, and other necessities. 

Picture that first heady breath you take when you step outside after a heavy rainstorm, mixed with a pungent musk and resinous crushed pine needles.

Our ancestors also celebrated cannabis for its medicinal uses. The plant is well known to stimulate the appetite (aka the munchies), making is a useful aid for patients whose medications make it difficult to eat, and it can also ease discomfort from conditions like cancer and arthritis. Did you know it’s even been found to be effective at treating issues ranging from acne to diabetes?

Today, these applications are slowly but surely making their way into more mainstream practices. To sum it all up: when it came time for us to choose a plant that really embodies how awesome plants are, cannabis seemed like a natural fit. 

Citrus, Pine & Wet Soil



The cannabis flower has one of the most unique and intoxicating scents found in nature. In order to curate the beautifully nuanced fragrance for our candle, we started with base notes of wet soil, patchouli and amber. Picture that first heady breath you take when you step outside after a heavy rainstorm, mixed with a pungent musk. Next, we layered in middle notes made up of dry woods and rose, lending a subtle sweetness. The top notes finish and round out the scent with crushed pine needles (a naturally resinous smell evocative of cannabis flowers) and mouth-watering citrus peel

How Will You Honor Earth Day?

If you’re looking for ways to get in the right headspace this Earth Day, check out our travel tin or apothecary jar Cannabis Flower & Earth candles. And we’re always looking for fresh ideas to honor mother earth, so let us know how you do your part. Contact 1502 Candle Co. online or visit our store in Ocean Beach. 

April 17, 2019 — Designer Collaborator

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