A shopper paying for their candles from 1502 Candle Co.

Why is it good to shop at a small business?

Did you know according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) there are around 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S., making up 99.9% of all businesses? We're proud to be part of this dynamic small business community

  1. Supporting Local Economies: When you choose to shop with us, you're not just making a purchase; you're actively contributing to the growth and sustainability of local economies. We're deeply woven into the fabric of our community, ensuring that the money you spend stays close to home. It's about more than products; it's about creating job opportunities, fostering economic development, and fortifying the overall local economy.
  2. Environmental Sustainability and Ethical Practices: Small businesses take the lead in adopting environmentally sustainable and ethical practices. By supporting us, you align your consumer choices with values that prioritize the health of the planet. We incorporate eco-friendly measures like offering refills, using ethically sourced materials, and minimizing our environmental footprint. It's a step towards a more responsible marketplace, and your support makes it possible.
  3. Giving Back to the Local Community: We're not just about transactions; we're community contributors. We’re a part of 1% for the Planet and give back though nonprofits like Native Like Water and Feeding San Diego. Statistics indicate that small businesses like ours donate 250% more than large businesses to local nonprofits and community causes. Your support creates a positive cycle of giving back, and together, we make a difference.

Caroline a fair skined woman with longer red hair and the owner of 1502 Candle Co. smiles behind her candle display.

What's the meaning of Shop Small?

When we talk about "shop small," it's more than a catchy phrase—it's a movement. We're urging you to choose local and independent businesses over larger, corporate entities. "Shop small" embodies a commitment to community, sustainability, and ethical business practices. By embracing this mantra, you become an active participant in fostering a resilient and vibrant local business ecosystem.

In essence, choosing to shop with us is a conscious choice with significant implications. It's about supporting local economies, promoting environmental sustainability, and actively contributing to the well-being of the community. The next time you consider a purchase, remember the meaningful impact you can make by choosing to "shop small" with us.


* Photos courtesy of Let's Frolic Together

November 16, 2023 — Caroline Jackson

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