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Somehow, July is almost drawing to a close. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to join 1502 Candle Co. in committing to a Plastic Free July®! And the beauty of this initiative is that it’s timeless. We hope that by sharing some tips and motivation this month, more people will cut single-use plastics on a regular, ongoing basis. 

Plastic water bottle rolling around in the waves at a beach.

What Is the Plastic Free July® Movement?

A key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation, Plastic Free July® is in its 11th year. Today, the movement is recognized in 177 countries by as many as 326 million people. According to the foundation’s 2020 Impact Report, participants reduced their plastic waste and recycling by nearly 50 pounds per person throughout the course of last year. 

But What if I Recycle?

Of course recycling is better than not recycling, but reducing our plastic use to start is even better. Compared to recycling materials like aluminum, recycling plastic is highly inefficient. The entire recycling process takes energy, is complicated, and costs money. 

Sadly, many of the plastic containers that we try to recycle are burned or thrown away. MIT business researcher Andrew McAfee voices a growing sentiment when he says "The carbon benefits, the greenhouse-gas benefits of recycling are actually very, very small, really not worth it.”

So How Can I Reduce My Use of Plastics?

When people think of single-use plastic products, they immediately think of grocery bags, straws, and water bottles. Those are just the very very low-hanging fruit. Consider these tips:

  • Skip plastic storage containers containers and reuse the jars a lot of our foods come in (if you don't remember, this is how 1502 was started!). If you need to buy, switch to stainless steal and glass containers.
  • Switch to bar or refillable soaps and shampoos. Our favs are Dr. Bronners and Fat and the Moon
  • Invest in sturdy reusable zipper bags instead of throwaway sandwich bags like Stasher Bags
  • Carry reusable cutlery with you, like To-go Ware
  • Use your own reusable mug for coffee and tea on-the-go. We love Klean Kanteen (another 1% for the Planet Member!) and Keep Cup
  • Make your own cleaners or purchase from low waste / plastic-free companies like Blueland or Cleancult

With the growing movement to reduce and eliminate our dependence on single-use plastics, we’re excited to see more products and ideas in the future.

Reuse jars.

Get Involved

Are you back in the office? If your company doesn’t make recycling a habit, take initiative. Better yet, urge them to install filtered water coolers if they’re still relying on bottled water. Excited to get back to concerts? Research zero-waste festivals that you can support. There are endless ways to encourage those around you to reduce their use of plastics and support organizations with similar values to your own.

Support Like-Minded Businesses

Since 1502 Candle Co. was founded, we’ve used environmentally conscious materials like glass for our candles, reed diffusers, and hand mists. Supporting businesses like ours make it easy to treat yourself and still shop mindfully. How else do you cut down on your use of plastics? Share your ideas on our Facebook page or send us an email.

July 26, 2021 — Emily Tongg

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