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Sanitizing Hand Mist.

As more Covid vaccines make their way into more arms, we’re all dreaming of a (not too far off?) future where masks and manic sanitizing are a thing of the past. But at 1502 Candle Co., we also know that the pandemic has taught us all to be a little more mindful about germs and that’s never a bad thing... 

Evolving to Meet Consumer Demand

In our own search for the coveted product that was flying off the shelves last spring, we ended up purchasing hand sanitizer in the only size we could find–gallons. This allowed us, in turn, to fulfill a need for our consumers. 1502 pivoted to add a totally new type of product to our offerings: hand mists.

Aloe for a Shot of Moisture...

Traditional gel sanitizers have a reputation for being tacky and leaving a film on the skin. But our product comes in an easily mist-able liquid. With aloe extract to moisturize your hands and you can rest assured that it still contains 70% ethyl alcohol (the CDC’s guidelines for an effective sanitizer).

...and a Hint of Fragrance

This past year and a half has singed our nostrils with enough sterile-doctor’s-office-smelling hand sanitizers (don’t even get us started on the overly perfumed varieties) so we took a different approach. Our hand mists are lightly scented with Salt Water & Agave, our most popular fragrance.

At least the pandemic has taught us all to be a little more mindful about germs and that’s never a bad thing.

Perfect for Refills

Our hand mists are sold in 4-oz recyclable glass bottles. They’re perfect for refilling smaller bottles or if you want to go big, you can order a mister to use alongside it. 

Refill you hand sanitizer with our larger hand mist.

Contact Us to Learn More

When you’re unable to wash your hands with soap and water, just reach for one of our hand mists. Apply liberally, allow to air dry, and you’re good to go! Contact us online to learn more or follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

May 26, 2021 — Emily Tongg

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