Flameless Fragrances for Summer

Even though fall officially starts in less than a month, too many places in the country are continuing to see record-breaking temperatures. In Southern California, where 1502 Candle Co. is headquartered, the heat has been coupled with humidity–something we rarely have to contend with. 

What we’re trying to say is until the cooler months when lighting your favorite candle becomes routine again, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to use flameless fragrances to de-stress, freshen your space, and more.

Reed Diffusers

If you’ve always loved the look of candles as much as their scent, consider reed diffusers. Our classic and minimal diffusers use recyclable glass bottles made in the U.S. and responsibly harvested rattan reeds. 

Golden Poppy & Meadow Reed Diffuser for Summer Time.

We have a range of fragrances to choose from, some that are suited better to the warmer months. Two, in particular, stand out:

  • Golden Poppy & Meadow: Inspired by Southern California springs, this fragrance smells like like morning hikes on hillsides blooming with golden poppies.
  • Forest Fern & Gardenia: Gardenia is a classic favorite that has the ability to whisk you away on vacation– or a momentary break from reality at least. Unlike too-sweet florals, ours is a clean, green scent that you’re sure to love.

These products make a beautiful, classic addition to anywhere from the bathroom counter to your nightstand. 

Notice the scent is fading? Simply turn the reeds over to refresh and start again.


1502 Candle Co's Flameless fragrance for summer time.

Fragrance Mists

Our four-oz. fragrance mists are petite enough for your glove box or anywhere on-the-go. We use them for a burst of fragrance for our cars, gym bag, living spaces, or even, our self!

Our minimalist formula is made up of just three ingredients: exceptional fragrance and essential oil blends, perfumers alcohol, and distilled water. Unlike some popular sprays, ours don't contain unnecessary chemical irritants like emulsifiers or preservatives.

Two fragrances are especially well-suited to help you move through the late summer heat:

  • Salt Water & Agave: A customer favorite for all of our products, Salt Water & Agave embodies our attempt to bottle cool, foggy mornings in the summertime. The top notes of a salty oceanic mist are balanced with a touch of floral, coconut, tonka bean, and amber.
  • Green Fig & Violet: Appealing to all kinds of different noses, this fragrance is bright and clean. With prominent notes of ripe, juicy figs, it checks all the boxes for a cool, calming end to your summer.

We especially like misting our couch after a clean up to really spruce our space.

Explore Our Other Offerings

If you’re a candle lover year-round, check out our soy wax candle in two sizes: the convenient travel tins and generously portioned apothecary jar. And since it looks like hand sanitizer will continue to be a mainstay for now (remember, we’re entering flu and cold season too), we’re still offering our oversize glass bottles of hand mists

Don’t forget: $8 flat-rate shipping is still available (and it’s never too soon to get started on your holiday shopping!) 

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September 23, 2021 — Emily Tongg

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