Taper Candle Holder Set


These taper candle holder sets were lovingly made for us by the hands of our friend, Janna of isiko. Comes as a set of two, one dish style and one slab style. The dish style was thrown on the wheel and the slab style hand-formed. Pair with our 100% pure beeswax tapers.

They are made in two clay bodies: white and brownish with speckles. Both glazed in white. LIMITED SUPPLY: we only have 5 sets in each color!

Because of the handmade nature of these there are slight variations in each piece. Sets come with our candle helper to secure your taper candles.

Slab style approx: 1.75 in W x 2 in H /  Dish style approx: 3.75 W by 1.5 H