1502’s Guide to Surviving the Pandemic


The world as we know it has changed dramatically in the last two months. As stay-at-home orders, virtual happy hours, and work-from-home life have become the norm, you might find it’s becoming harder to maintain a positive (let alone sane) mindset. 1502 Candle Co. has always cultivated a focus on mindful living and self care–two areas we believe can go a long ways towards helping you keep a smile on your face in these difficult times. Read on for some simple tips…

Prioritize Me Time

If you used to take it for granted that your family or roommates would actually all be out of the house at the same time once in awhile, those times are long gone. Even if your “me time” looks a little different, it’s vitally important to pause and hit the reset button.

Candles provide a wonderful jumping off point to make a meditation, yoga, or simply sitting-and-taking-a-deep-breath practice an everyday occurrence. This simple act can allow you to be present and intentional.

Keep Your Space Smelling Fresh 

With more bodies at home, it might not be smelling quite as fresh as you’re used to. Our reed diffusers and fragrance mists can solve this problem with light, soothing scents that will make you forget how many weeks you've all largely been indoors together. Whether you prefer warm notes, like our Cedarwood & Amber mist, or springy, like our Green Fig and Violet diffuser, fragrances are also an instant mood-booster.

Celebrate Date Night

Most of us equate date night with a fancy meal out or drinks at our favorite bar but if this pandemic is teaching us one positive thing, it’s that date night is what you make of it.

Candles are a timeless way to set the mood and cast a flattering glow. Once the setting is right, try out that new recipe you’ve been meaning to make for months or stir up a cocktail you never thought you’d have anywhere but a bougie lounge.

Take Time for DIY Projects

Each of our candle containers is carefully chosen for its aesthetics and ability to be repurposed. Now is the perfect time to clean out any candles you’ve burned down and find a new use for them, like bud vases or pretty Q-tip holders. Plus, don’t forget about our recycle-and-refill program if you’d rather dedicate them to holding your favorite fragrance again.

How Are You Spending Your Time?

For the time being, we all have lots of time on our hands. Of course we’re biased, but we think perusing 1502’s Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, is a great use of all the increased screen time you’re inevitably having. And like always, we’d love to hear what you’re up to. Until you can visit us again, we welcome online messages!

May 06, 2020 — Emily Tongg

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