$8 Flat-Rate Shipping Is Now Available


In this chaotic time, it’s even more important to take the time to practice self-care. At 1502 Candle Co., we’re also sensitive to the fact that many of our customers are facing concerns over their budget. We are always striving to keep costs down and make our products more accessible and this announcement is something that has been in the works for some time. Now, we want you to be the first to know: we are excited to offer $8 flat-rate shipping on all orders!

No Gimmicks and No Coupon Codes

We understand that shipping charges can often be a deciding factor in making purchases online. With many large companies offering free shipping, it can be a shock to see charges upwards of $15. That's why we'd like to make 1502 more accessible to those who can't purchase in-person. 

This new flat-rate shipping option is simple. Even with those large companies offering “free shipping,” there’s usually a catch. You might need your order to come to a certain total when you check out or be required to enter a discount or coupon code to get the deal. That will never be the case when you shop with us so you expect no surprises.

Lower Costs, Less Waste

With this new shipping method, we hope you'll be able to order more of the fragrances you love at a time. This is not only more convenient for the customer but also avoids the need for multiple shipments throughout the year. In turn, our flat-rate shipping can reduce carbon emissions and shipping material waste. So, like our recycle and refill program, this is just one more way we adhere to environmentally friendly practices.

We Are Here for You

With 1502 Candle Co.’s new approach to shipping, you can order all the candles, diffusers and refresh mists you want–without having to worry about added fees.

Now more than ever, we are thankful for our customers and the close-knit community that we have created. Like always, you can reach us via email or on Facebook or Instagram. And with all of us facing more downtime, we encourage you to check out our Pinterest page for inspiration. Contact us with any questions or just to check in and say hi. Thank you so much for being here!

April 26, 2020 — Emily Tongg

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