How to Clean Your Candle Container

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at 1502 Candle Co. is how to clean out your candle. We take special care to use vessels that are as aesthetically pleasing as our fragrances are delightful (like our apothecary jars), so we’re happy to answer this one! 

Cleaning Tips 101

Once your candle no longer remains lit, you know it’s time to repurpose or recycle it. We like to use this simple double boil method:

1) Fill a pot partway full of water. Keep the water line below the top of the jar.

2) Turn the stove to medium-low heat. Gently, gradually apply heat so that you don’t break the glass.

3) Heat until the wax is completely melted. Let everything get warm - it's easier to clean that way!

4) Pour in the trash, NOT the sink (unless you enjoy unclogging drains, of course).

5) Remove wick tabs. The tip of a butter knife works well to loosen them.

6) Remove labels and recycle.

7) Clean out the jar with hot soapy water. 

And that’s it! Check out this helpful video on our Instagram page for step-by-step visual instructions.

Cleaned candle container.

How Do We Promote Mindful Shopping?

Sustainable practices and products have been primary drivers at 1502 Candle Co. from day one.

Reduce Your Consumption

Firstly, we use only high-quality materials that not only help you get the most for your money, but allow you to purchase candles and other items less frequently. For instance, did you know that our soy wax burns at a much slower rate than other waxes, like paraffin?

We’ve seen our jars and tins used for everything from nurturing baby succulents and houseplant cuttings to jewelry containers.

Reuse Your Purchases

We hope you find these cleaning tips helpful in order to put your containers back to work. Play around with utilitarian uses (everyone needs somewhere to corral paper clips or bag ties–a perfect job for our travel tins) or ways to beautify your space, like creating a unique bookend by weighting your apothecary jar with shells or pretty stones.

Benefit from Our Local Refill Program

Keep in mind that our local San Diego customers can also participate in our refill program to promote even greener shopping habits and benefit from cost savings.

You can also return your reed diffuser and fragrance mist bottles back to us and receive $2 off your next 1502 Candle Co. purchase.

Don’t Forget to Recycle

National customers can now ship back your cleaned out container to refill! Review our Recycle & Refill page for more information. If that isn't something you want to do, please recycle your container according to your local recycling guidelines.

How Do You Repurpose Your Containers?

We’ve seen our jars and tins used for everything from nurturing baby succulents and houseplant cuttings to jewelry containers. What do you plan on doing with your candle’s container? We’d love to hear fresh tips and ideas. 

Email us at and as always, let us know if you have any questions about our line of products.

June 12, 2019 — Designer Collaborator

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