Help 1502 Recover from a Flood

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On Monday 1/23/24 our HQ Studio was impacted by a rainstorm and resulting flash flood. I (Caroline, creator and owner) was there packing orders when the power went out and soon realized the waters were rising. I had less then two minutes to drop what I was doing leave and even then the waters were already up to my knees. The flood waters rushed in reaching up to a foot throughout our space resulting in damage to supplies, furniture, merchandise and the building.

As we don't have flood insurance the burden of replacing, restoration, and remediation fall on me and my family. So, I'm asking for your help. Things you can do to help: purchase a candle (shipping will be delayed :) ), gift card or donate. I'm so grateful for the outpouring of support. Your purchases and donations will help cover the costs of replacing damaged goods and get us back up and pouring. <3

UPDATE 1/28/24

We will have basic operations back this week! But, we have a back log of orders and production to do. For those of you who ordered and donated,
Your support gave me hope pulled us throw the tough hours of cleaning (with more still to do).