How to Clean Up Spilled Candle Wax

How to Clean Up Spilled Candle Wax Spilled wax? We’ve got you covered. Believe us, at 1502 Candle Co., we’re no strangers to spilled wax–lots and lots of it. Cleaning...
September 28, 2020 — Emily Tongg

Environmental Justice: What Is It and How Are We Contributing?

Environmental Justice: What Is It and How Are We Contributing? The protests across the country and around the globe in recent months have been a call to action for many...
August 24, 2020 — Emily Tongg

1502 Has Partnered with the SD River Park Foundation

1502 Has Partnered with the SD River Park Foundation Did you know that the drought in Southern California lasted from December 2011 through March of 2019? Even if you didn’t,...

This Month’s Fragrance Story: Golden Poppy & Meadow

We all need a little sunshine in our lives right now, especially after an inordinate amount of time spent indoors. So with the Golden Poppy & Meadow candle, 1502 Candle Co. makes it easy to bring a little piece of the great outdoors inside.
June 09, 2020 — Caroline Jackson

1502’s Guide to Surviving the Pandemic

The world as we know it has changed dramatically in the last two months. As stay-at-home orders, virtual happy hours, and work-from-home life have become the norm, you might find it’s becoming harder to maintain a positive (let alone sane) mindset. 1502 Candle Co. has always cultivated a focus on mindful living and self care
May 06, 2020 — Emily Tongg

$8 Flat-Rate Shipping Is Now Available

$8 Flat-Rate Shipping Is Now Available   In this chaotic time, it’s even more important to take the time to practice self-care. At 1502 Candle Co., we’re also sensitive to the...
April 26, 2020 — Emily Tongg

This Month’s Fragrance Stories: Champagne & Roses and Love Yourself

Whether you embrace the holiday with open arms or not, Valentine’s Day is upon us. At 1502 Candle Co., we’re excited to roll out our limited edition favorites again in the form of Champagne & Roses and Love Yourself candles.

February 11, 2020 — Designer Collaborator

Kicking Off the New Year with Forest Restoration

or those of you who have been following 1502 Candle Co.’s recent posts, you know that we joined 1% for the Planet last March. This has allowed us to directly support the National Forest Foundation (NFF), spurring the change that we know our customers feel so passionately about.

January 25, 2020 — Designer Collaborator

Your Gift-Giving Guide to Our Seasonal Favorites

It’s that time of year again. Gift-giving season is upon us and 1502 Candle Co. has got you covered. If you’re feeling thoroughly overwhelmed by your list (not to mention what to get each special somebody on it), we suggest you start here.

January 03, 2020 — Designer Collaborator

1502 Candle Co. Has Partnered with the National Forest Foundation

Back in March, we were excited to announce that 1502 Candle Co. had joined 1% for the Planet®. Now, we have partnered with the National Forest Foundation, a nonprofit that is dedicated to increasing the appreciation and protection of our vast, but threatened, national forests and grasslands. As Californians, we feel this is a particularly poignant time to turn our attention to ways we can protect our natural home and minimize disasters like destructive wildfires. Read on to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can help…

January 02, 2020 — Designer Collaborator

This Month’s Fragrance Story: Smoke Noir No. 06

If you’re not familiar with the cult favorite Smoke Noir No. 06 at 1502 Candle Co., it’s time to change that. This candle is unexpected in its complexity and richness. Like so many of our top-selling fragrances, there’s something special about it that you can’t quite put your finger on–the perfect mysterious accompaniment to the ever-shortening days. Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind this unique product… 

October 01, 2019 — Designer Collaborator

A Beginner’s Guide to Recycling

1502 Candle Co. was founded with a simple set of values in mind. Now, more than ever, those values resonate with our customers and also a larger group that is eager to learn about ways they can protect the environment. Recycling is one of the simplest and most effective steps you can take and we wanted to take a minute to step back and make sure we’re all familiar with the basics

September 06, 2019 — Designer Collaborator